Concert BOZAR: Carlou D
Carlou D is a respected Senegalese author and composer. He is part of the “Baye Fall” movement, connected to the Soufi brotherhood Al Mouridiya. He takes inspiration from African rhythms and plays instruments such as the kora, percussion, harmonica and guitar!

Afriquya Afterparty at BOZAR

Jali Kunda Ft. Sidy Cissokho
Sidy Cissokho. was born in Senegal. He is a great musician and master in West-African percussion. He specializes in djembé-doundouns-sourouba-bougarabou- sabar. He has travelled around the world to play alongside Youssou N’Dour, Colombia Artists and the National Ballet of Senegal.
Sidy will perform live djembe sessions next to his students from Jali Kunda vzw.

Ivan Diaz (USA)
Resident DJ of Afriquya vzw and founder of Ancestral. Ivan Diaz combines Afro and Latin music with other world rhythms and a touch of future vibes.

Souha Abou Taha
Souha will showcase live Senegal-inspired painting.

Mamawaxx is fashion and design organisation using traditional wax patterns with the newest and hottest fashion trends from different cultures.

Resident DJ of Afriquya vzw combining traditional music with electronic beats.


BUY TICKETS Concert + Afriquya Afterparty: €20 

BUY TICKETS Afriquya Afterparty: 5€.

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