Buscemi – ‘The unclassifiable Belgian who makes the crowds dance’

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Steve Buscemi is an American actor that you may have already seen in movies like Fargo or in the Broadwalk Empire series. However, Buscemi is also the nickname of one of his biggest fans: Dirk Swartenbroekx.

This Buscemi is a Belgian DJ known worldwide for his groove with multiple and colourful influences. “Dance music with a warm feel” is the way Buscemi describes his own music. But his style remains difficult to define. One could add that his music encourages to dance. From head to toe, in rhythm. Elements of bossa and Brazilian grooves mixed with jazz, afrobeat and drum and bass accents, make the style of Buscemi inimitable.

His Dipso Calypso (feat. Lady Cath), to understand the multiplicity of his style.


He is also extremely prolific. After twenty years of career, seven solo-albums, four duo-albums and a dozen compilations of remixes. He also worked on tracks with some important bands and artists such as Hooverphonic, Melanie Gardot and even Calexico.

Loving to perform live sets, Buscemi has already been seen on a number of Belgian and international scenes. From Rock Wechter in Belgium to the Oppokoppi Festival in Pretoria, South Africa, the guy moves as much as his music.

In 2017, he releases his latest album, Late Nite Reworks, Vol. 2, a series of fourteen tracks forming a very varied compilation of remixes. The remix The Traveller of the Belgian musician and composer Michel Bisceglia is the ninth title of the album. The original jazz piece with piano and bass inviting to a special journey is transfigured. With, as always, the indefinable style of Buscemi.

This is not the first time that the talents of Buscemi and Michel Bisceglia cross. In 2009, they released the album “Vertov Luomo Con la Macchina Da Presa” A mix of style, at the crossroads of Bisceglia’s jazz piano and Buscemi’s warm-sounding percussions.

Il risveglio, with the Michel Bisceglia ensemble. One of his best and longest collaborations. They’ve worked three times together.

His groovy soundcloud


Afriquya Afterparty: Ode to Senegal

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Concert BOZAR: Carlou D
Carlou D is a respected Senegalese author and composer. He is part of the “Baye Fall” movement, connected to the Soufi brotherhood Al Mouridiya. He takes inspiration from African rhythms and plays instruments such as the kora, percussion, harmonica and guitar!

Afriquya Afterparty at BOZAR

Jali Kunda Ft. Sidy Cissokho
Sidy Cissokho. was born in Senegal. He is a great musician and master in West-African percussion. He specializes in djembé-doundouns-sourouba-bougarabou- sabar. He has travelled around the world to play alongside Youssou N’Dour, Colombia Artists and the National Ballet of Senegal.
Sidy will perform live djembe sessions next to his students from Jali Kunda vzw.

Ivan Diaz (USA)
Resident DJ of Afriquya vzw and founder of Ancestral. Ivan Diaz combines Afro and Latin music with other world rhythms and a touch of future vibes.

Souha Abou Taha
Souha will showcase live Senegal-inspired painting.

Mamawaxx is fashion and design organisation using traditional wax patterns with the newest and hottest fashion trends from different cultures.

Resident DJ of Afriquya vzw combining traditional music with electronic beats.


BUY TICKETS Concert + Afriquya Afterparty: €20 

BUY TICKETS Afriquya Afterparty: 5€.

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DJ Satelite, the new prince of Angola!

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DJ Satelite is truly becoming the honorable successor of Djeff Afrozila as the new prince of Angola! His rhythmic and warm combinations of Kuduro and Afrohouse have conquered the hearts of many and rocked dance floors across the world.

DJ Satelite- a native of Luanda –started his career by raw, passionate curiosity and quickly became one of the main drivers of Afro House and Kuduro in many Lusophone countries. After having dedicated years on his own productions, in 2006 he achieved notoriety as one of the co-producers of the album Estado Maior do Kuduro dos Lambas, also known as the first album made by a local artist. The album gained stellar reviews in Angola, in particular, the hit single, “Se desfio”. His productions have been featured on Boilier Room, Enchufada, and as well as for the critically acclaimed film “I Love Kuduro”. DJ Satelite has already performed at many renown events and nightclubs around the world. His journey has taken him to Red Bull Music Academy and the Ibiza International Music Summit. He has also graced established and innovative festivals such as Sfinks Festival, AfricaNouveau and the Ten Cities project. He was even invited to play for private events of the legendary British DJ Fatboy Slim. DJ Satélite is not only an ambassador of the new Angolan sound but also a pioneer of the African Electronic Music scene that is burning dance floors all across the globe – Wegoao.com.

Satelite just released his new co-production, Mama Na Bheto, with Dorivaldo Mix and Os Bamfumus and he is already about to release Malembe na soukouse on Offering Recordings. A very promising track with hypnotizing snares that takes you on a true Angolan voyage. Be prepared to hear a lot about him in 2016, as he is preparing a European tour, together with no one less but DJ Spilulu from Congo (RDC).

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