Welcome to the AFRIQUYA community!!! We hope you are willing to help us in our mission to spread the music from different cultural backgrounds and generations, blended with futuristic beats and house music.

Based in the multicultural country of Belgium, we are working to provide a channel for exposure, artistic development, connections and fun for musical talent. Also, provide a place, dynamic and party atmosphere where different cultures and generations blend to learn about each other while giving back to those in need.

We have established partnerships with trustworthy local charities to directly improve the living conditions of people in 3rd world countries. These charity partners receive 20% of all Afriquya’s yearly profit!!!

This community is not only created to promote the AFRIQUYA events. Here, you will be able to receive information about important music artists, music history\culture and also the newest creations in the Global Club/Worldbeat/Afrohouse music scene.